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If you don’t know what an arborist does, you’re not alone! Find out what they do and why you should get to know the team at Engram’s.

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What’s an Arborist, and what can they do for your yard and landscaping?

Do you know what an arborist is and what one does? Most people know that they work with trees in some capacity. But what exactly does an arborist do with trees? And do you need one? Take a look.

What is an Arborist?

The short answer is that an arborist is a tree specialist. The longer answer is that they are professionals in arboriculture, or the management, cultivation, and study of trees, vines, shrubs, and other plants.

Do they require certification?

Arboriculture does not require certification. However, hiring someone who has gone through the process of becoming certified will ensure you’re getting the best knowledge and experience to care for your trees and landscaping. Why? Because ISA certification includes voluntarily documentation of their knowledge and their level of achievement in the science of tree care through their experience as well as passing a comprehensive ISA exam.

Do I need a tree expert?

How can you tell if you need to hire a tree professional? If you have trees, it’s always a good idea to know who to call if you ever need tree services. They can help with everything from overgrown trees to trees growing near power lines, from diseased trees to brand new trees, and from evaluation and guidance with a beautiful, healthy tree to the removal of a dead or dying tree.

Got trees? Get an arborist! The certified arborist and experienced, knowledgeable staff at Engram’s Tree Service can help you with any and all of your tree needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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What do they do?

Arboricultural professionals do many things that have to do with taking care of growing things. A short list of what they can specialize in includes:

  • Tree removal: evaluating a tree to determine if removal is necessary
  • Trimming: assessing growth and determining if trimming is necessary and, if yes, how much and where
  • Emergency response: assisting in tree care following a storm or other incident that can put a tree or property at risk
  • Planting: guidance and recommendations regarding species, locations, and choices best for different yards, climates, and settings
  • Plant health: care and maintenance to ensure plants and trees stay healthy
  • Study and research: the study of diseases, decay, reaction to different treatments and products, growth, cultivation, and all aspects of tree biomechanics
  • Other services: bracing trees, risk assessment, and consulting on landscaping, agriculture, and more
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