Tree Service in Alpharetta GA

It’s tough to find a tree service in Alpharetta that is both experienced and reliable. Engram’s Tree Service has provided stellar service to homes and businesses in the area for over 25 years. Licensed, insured, and armed with the right knowledge and equipment to tackle any job, we’re a common-sense choice for customers in the Greater Atlanta area.

Need a Free Quote? Call a Certified Arborist

When we say “advantages,” we mean it. Engram’s Tree Service is a family-owned business run by husband-and-wife team, Larry and Robin Engram. Robin is a certified arborist with over two decades of experience. She provides estimates on every job, so tree owners know exactly what’s needed and understand the end result. Some fly-by-night tree service providers take action that could easily kill your tree or destroy its aesthetic.

Have you ever seen a tree butchered into a sparse stalk slowly lose its leaves and lush color? That’s the tell-tale sign of an uninformed tree trimmer removing too much, too soon, or in the wrong place. Next to nothing can be done to save a tree in that shape, but we’re always happy to take a look.

In cases of severe damage, it might be best to remove it entirely and start again with a fast-growing sapling. Your top option is preventing that sort of damage in the first place by working with a skilled professional.

Landscaping Need a Boost? Tree Trimming Promotes Beautiful, Bountiful Growth

Many times, homeowners don’t call a tree service company until damage is already done. Preserve the look of your property by safeguarding your trees — and your property’s curb appeal.

Regular trimming removes hazardous limbs. It also removes pests and decay soon after they set in, preventing them from spreading throughout a tree or moving on to others. A fringe benefit is a boost in lush, green growth which results after a trim. Pruning, the act of cutting away branches to foster new growth, has a marked impact on all species.

Different types of trees have unique needs when it comes to pruning. Allow our certified arborist to give you customized advice for the trees on your property.

Need Work on an Extra Tall Tree? Engram’s Tree Service in Alpharetta Has the Equipment You Need

If a tree-trimming service needs to rent equipment in order to take a tree down, the bill gets passed along to you, the customer. It saves money to work with a business that already has the right equipment on-hand. It also means the operator is familiar with the machinery, which translates to:

● Faster work
● Fewer errors
● Satisfying results

At Engram’s Tree Service, we’ve invested in a crane with an extra-long boom to help our clients’ landscaping stay as beautiful and healthy as possible. Removing damaged and diseased limbs prevents problems from spreading and helps trees thrive. We have the means to service even the tallest specimens.