what to do when a tree falls on your property

No matter how it happens, when a tree falls on your property it can be a major headache. First of all, it is an injury risk. In addition, it could cause damage to power lines and vehicles, as well as neighboring homes. Anything from bad weather to improperly maintained trees can lead to incidents such as these. Regardless of the cause, knowing what to do when a tree falls on your property and dealing with it the right way is essential.

People have gotten hurt needlessly following downed tree incidents. Keep reading for a look at guidelines well worth keeping in mind when you’re dealing with the fallout from a fallen tree.

Fallen Tree? Make Sure Your Family Is Safe

First and foremost, you need to ensure the safety of any building occupants. This should go without saying. But in all the chaos following a tree landing on your property, it’s easy to lose track of priorities. Make sure no one has sustained any injuries, and get everyone away from the incident site.

If the tree has left anyone trapped, don’t try to free them yourself. Moving anything, be it part of the tree or a structure, can lead to additional damage. It could even lead to injury if something falls on you or the person you’re helping. Call 911 without delay and wait until you’ve received guidance before doing anything.

Determine If the Tree Hit Any Electrical Lines

When trees fall in residential areas, there’s a strong chance they might connect with power lines on the way down. This is a dangerous situation. A downed line can still be functioning and could electrocute someone or start a fire. If a tree falls on or near your house and your lights are flickering or out, it downed a line and you should call both 911 and your electric company immediately.

If you’re not sure if a power line is down, take precautions by shutting your home’s electrical power off at the breaker panel. And in cases where you smell smoke, get everyone out of the house and call for help from a safe location, like at a neighbor’s place.

Inform Your Insurance Company about the Tree

Although instinct might tell you to start picking up the tree, you need to talk to your insurance provider first. An adjuster will come out and catalog the damage in order to file the claim, which is why it’s important that you do not tamper with anything before their arrival. Beyond legal issues, this is dangerous because moving branches could cause damaged structures to shift or fall.

When it comes to falling trees, the number one solution is prevention. By taking care of specimens with correct trimming practices and maintenance, you can avoid falling trees in the first place. For more information about what to do when a tree falls on your property, or for a free quote, connect with our expert team at Engram’s Tree Service now.