trim a pine treeIf you have pine trees on your property, you may wonder about the best time of year to trim a pine tree. Pine trees are a beautiful addition to any yard as they tend to stay beautiful and green year-round. However, it’s vital to prune pine trees to keep them healthy and looking their best. Keep reading to learn more about how and when to trim pine trees for the best results.

Ideal Season for Pine Tree Pruning

Pine trees are some of the most low-maintenance trees you can have in your yard. There are more than 100 pine tree species that are part of the Pinaceae family of coniferous trees. And, all pines are beautifully evergreen. They naturally have a tidy, uniform shape that doesn’t require as much trimming as most other tree species.

Tree professionals, also known as arborists, agree that spring is the right time to trim your pine trees. However, it’s safe and acceptable to trim the trees any time they require correction for damaged limbs. Inclement weather, vandalism, or other forms of damage may leave the pine tree in need of pruning during other seasons.

If possible, it’s best to avoid trimming them during the late summer or autumn. Trimming during these seasons does not allow the cuts ample time to heal before winter.

Benefits of Pruning Pine Trees

Proper trimming removes the damaged, dead, or diseased parts of the pine tree so the pine can grow healthier, denser foliage. The process also enhances the size and overall shape of the tree. If your pine tree is growing too large for the area in your yard, pruning can also allow you to manage the size safely.

Tips for Trimming Pine Trees

Following best practices for pine tree pruning will help your trees to stay healthy and avoid injury. Here are some top tips to get the job done right whether you tackle the task yourself or hire a professional tree trimming service:

  • Maintain a compact and dense growth pattern on the tree by pinching back the new growth tips, known as candles, during the spring. Rather than using shears, which can damage the needles, break them off by hand.
  • Avoid shortening the branches because cutting the woody section of a branch may stunt growth. Instead, completely remove any damaged branches.
  • To remove a pine tree branch, cut to the back of the branch to the thick area close to the trunk, also known as the collar.
  • Remove approximately one-third of the pine tree’s crown each year to ensure ideal growth.
  • If branches are growing too close to each other, trim them to avoid crowding.

Turn to Engram’s Tree Service for Professional Tree Trimming Services

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