protect young trees from wind damageYoung trees are especially susceptible to the elements. All it takes is an unexpected gust of wind to uproot your freshly planted tree. Worried about losing a new tree to wind damage? Follow these tips to protect young trees from wind damage.

Find the Prime Location

Planting your tree in the right location is the best way to protect it from high winds. Look for areas on your property that act as a natural windbreak. For instance, planting near buildings or tall structures may help block wind from reaching your sapling. And if the wind blows from west to east, as is often the case, planting on the east side of your home will protect your tree from strong wind gusts.

Add Some Support Stakes

Have you ever seen young trees tied to poles in the ground? These stakes help stabilize fragile saplings and small trees. Adding support stakes is a simple DIY project that you can complete in less than an hour. Tie the tree’s trunk to a few metal or wooden stakes using a flexible material. Leave a bit of slack. On windy days, the tree will sway back and forth, but the stakes will prevent it from falling. Stakes are a helpful reinforcement until the tree establishes a robust trunk, root system, and branches.

Use a Protective Tree Cover

Contrary to popular belief, covers don’t only protect growing trees from frost in the winter. They can also protect young trees from wind damage. How does a tree cover work? Covering a young tree from top to bottom helps break up strong winds. However, you should only use the cover on windy days. Be sure to remove it the rest of the time to ensure your sapling gets enough sunlight and water.

Remember to Water Regularly

Speaking of water, keeping your young tree hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent wind damage. Dehydrated trees have weaker, more unstable branches and roots. But if you supply ample water, the roots and branches will grow faster and stronger. If you don’t want to find your tree toppled over on a windy day, remember to pull out the watering can regularly.

Don’t Forget to Prune the Limbs

Watching a young tree grow is a wondrous process, but you don’t want to let the branches grow out of control. Regular pruning is a must. Removing unnecessary weight or dead branches will make your tree more stable against high winds. It also reduces the risk of property damage from falling limbs during a sudden storm.

Get Expert Tree Advice To Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

Growing a healthy tree requires more than just a sapling, shovel, and some dirt. You also need to protect it from severe weather, high winds, and anything else Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

Engram’s Tree Service can take care of all your tree needs. Whether you want help pruning your freshly planted tree or need the expertise of a certified arborist, you can count on our husband and wife team. If you have a question about trees, we have the answer! Request a quote if you want to protect young trees from unexpected wind gusts.