tell if a tree is unhealthyWhat are the signs pointing to an unhealthy tree? And does it require tree removal services? It’s not always easy to tell. Sometimes a tree may just need some extra TLC to get back to a healthier place. In other cases, tree removal is your smartest option. Keep reading to find out how you can tell if a tree is unhealthy and the top solution for a safer, more attractive property.

Know the Signs of an Unhealthy Tree

To avoid property damage or a risk to others, it’s a good idea to know the signs of a tree with declining health. One thing many homeowners don’t realize is that one sick tree can actually infect others. And this can lead to widespread tree sickness on your property.

So, here are the top things to look for when assessing a tree specimen’s health.

#1: Tree Appearance

By simply looking closely at the structure of a tree, you can often determine its level of health. Start by assessing the trunk and the branches. Is the tree missing sections of bark? Are there deep cracks in the tree branches? These are both visible signs a tree is unhealthy. Whether the cause is poor climate, ineffective pruning, or a tree disease, a sick tree will often show signs on the outside.

Other visual signs of illness include missing leaves on branches during spring, summer, and fall. Additionally, if the leaves have unusual color-changes, this could signal an infestation of insects is the problem. Once the tree’s trunk or branches start to develop deep holes or cavities, this is a sign the tree’s illness has progressed and it may be dying.

Similarly, discoloration can signal disease. Black, brown, or purple leaves or bands of dark green and yellow on tree needles are causes for concern. If you notice bleached wood or lighter blotches on the bark, the tree may have a root rotting disease called armillaria.

#2: Unusual Growth on or around the Tree

Secondly, most tree decay begins with rotting on the inside of the tree. So, it can be difficult to spot with the eye. However, looking around the tree for mushrooms growing from the ground is one way to identify a tree that is in a state of decay. When fungus grows directly on the tree, it is a sign it may be close to death.

Furthermore, once the mushrooms begin to grow on or around the tree, it’s likely the tree has been rotting for years and is in the end stage of life. Most importantly, crumbling sections of the trunk or branches along with mushroom growth will confirm that the tree requires removal.

Removing a Sick Tree for a Safer, More Attractive Property

Engram’s Tree Service is a family owned and operated company that has the tools and expertise to identify the unhealthy trees on your property. And, we will help you to determine which trees are salvageable and which ones require removal services. Our team brings 40 years of experience and tree knowledge to Atlanta area homeowners.

If you are unsure about how to tell if a tree is unhealthy, reach out to us for affordable services and exceptional customer service. So, connect with us now to learn more about our professional tree removal services or to get a free quote.