emergency tree trimmingDo you need emergency tree trimming? It doesn’t seem like something you should think about, but it’s more common than you might think. With the number of mature trees in Georgia, tree trimming isn’t always a planned event. Unfortunately, sometimes, you need to call in for emergency service. Here’s how to tell if emergency tree trimming is in your future.

You’ve Got a Leaner

Even the sturdiest of trees can start to break down over time, whether from disease, a structural issue, or even the weather. If you notice one of your trees is leaning, it might be time to call for emergency tree trimming, or possibly removal. Why would it be an emergency? Out in the forest, a leaning tree is no big deal. In your backyard, it can be a real hazard. If it’s suddenly leaning, it has an issue. You don’t want to risk it falling on your home, your other landscaping, or a person.

Too Close for Comfort

Do you have large trees that come close to power lines, telephone lines, or the roof of your home? When branches get too close for comfort, trimming is necessary. It becomes an emergency when there is rapid growth from the right environmental conditions or when the tree or branches shift from wind or weather. Before you risk a branch or a tree pulling down wires or damaging your gutters or your roof, call a tree service for trimming or removal.

Could Be the Weather

The South is no stranger to extreme summer weather, and it can take a toll on your trees. Things to look out for are high winds that break branches or uproot trees, lots of rain or flooding that can cause trees to lose their footing, or drought that can lead to dry, dead trees and branches. When any or all of these summer weather conditions exist, it can leave you with trees that need trimming. If you discover you have loose branches, uprooted trees, or trees with damage, a reputable tree service company can assess the damage and do some emergency trimming.

No Longer Among the Living

If your trees are old or damaged, if they have a disease, pests, or fungus, they might need a trim. When you have dead branches, it may not seem like an emergency, and it might not be. However, if a storm blows through and you have dead branches or trees, the wind could cause them to come loose and damage your property or even cause an injury.

Emergency Tree Trimming by Engram’s Tree Service

So, do you have trees on your property that don’t seem as healthy as they once were? Don’t wait and hope for the best. Call the team at Engram’s Tree Service today for all your tree service needs, including emergency tree trimming.