Do you know the proper window of opportunity to trim oak trees? Too many tree novices mistakenly believe you can prune tree branches all year long. While this is technically true—after all, a plant won’t stop you—it could hurt the tree. Cutting back live branches is an art and requires an understanding of arboriculture. So before you pick up your pair of heavy-duty loppers, make sure it’s the right time to prune your oaks.

trim oak trees

Spend Summer Climbing Instead of Trimming

There’s nothing better than spending your days outdoors during the summer. Can you picture the kids climbing the trees while you sip on lemonade? And while your oak trees may also flourish during this beautiful, hot season, you should put your tree trimmer back in the shed.

Contrary to what many homeowners assume, summer is the worst time of year to cut off oak branches. Instead, it’s best to prune from late fall to early spring—November 1 to March 31 to be precise. These are the months when oak trees are less vulnerable to disease and infestations.

The Risk of Summertime Oak Tree Trimming

Any time you cut into a branch, it leaves a wound on the tree. Now, think about what happens if you cut your arm. A fresh injury is more apt to get infected, which sometimes leads to serious complications. This same theory is true when it comes to oak trees, and the consequences are often dire.

Oak trees are susceptible to a dangerous fungal disease called oak wilt. Even though oaks are strong and mighty, this fungus can take down even the most robust tree. It most commonly occurs whenever someone prunes a tree during the wrong time of year, also known as summertime.

Tiny sap beetles spread oak wilt from tree to tree, and they are the most active from April to August. These unwelcome visitors seek out oaks with fresh prune cuts, where they leave behind this fast-spreading fungus. Unfortunately, oak wilt is often fatal.

Oak Tree Pruning Ordinances

Even when pruning season finally rolls around, you can’t just start chopping away. Many cities have tree ordinances in place to protect certain tree species—and oaks often fall under these laws.

Pruning a large oak tree without the right paperwork may end up costing you. Always speak with a tree specialist to make sure you don’t need to obtain any permits. These rules not only save the trees, but they also protect the community.

Local Oak Tree Specialists

Massive oak trees are a staple in any yard. Not only do the large canopies provide plenty of shade, but these majestic trees also add a ton of curb appeal. However, if you own an oak, you’ll need to trim it once every 2-3 years. Properly pruned trees live longer, healthier lives.

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