Tree Care Tips for SpringDo you need tree care tips to get your property back in shape for the spring season? With the warmer weather comes more time to spend outside enjoying your yard. Helping your trees to stay healthy and looking their best adds to your enjoyment. No homeowner wants to look at diseased or poorly-maintained trees as they sit outside or play with the kids in the yard. Keep reading for five tree-care tips for spring from our certified arborist.

Tip #1: Look for Post-Winter Tree Damage

Winter can do a number on your property’s trees. From extreme fluctuations in temperature and dry winter air to snow and ice storm damage, there’s a significant chance your trees have injuries from the previous season. Signs of damage include browning needles, broken branches, cracking and splitting bark, root damage, and bark discoloration. Our certified arborist can help you to inspect your trees for damage. And, they can provide expert solutions to restore your tree to good health if possible.

Tip #2: Inspect the Tree for Insect Infestation and Disease

Spring is the time when insects become active again. So, it’s ideal to inspect your trees for insect infestation prior to the leaves growing on your trees. By catching the problem early, you can take a proactive approach to treatment. This will prevent the damage from spreading to the rest of the tree.

You may have a difficult time identifying insects on your own to determine which ones are problematic. So, you can call on Engram’s Tree Service to provide accurate identification and any necessary treatments to keep your trees healthy.

Tip #3: Remove Trees with Critical Issues

In addition, you may have trees on your property that are no longer salvageable following winter damage or disease. Even experts agree that sometimes the best solution is removing the tree. Issues such as significant trunk damage or lean may require professional removal to restore health and safety to your yard.

Tip #4: Prune, Prune, Prune

While it’s important to prune trees in the winter when they are dormant, many homeowners forget to give their trees the proper attention during the colder months of the year. So, if you suspect you have dead and damaged branches, it’s important to remove them early in the spring to give your tree the opportunity to grow and flourish.

Tip #5: Fertilize Your Trees

Finally, winter depletes the vitamin and nutrients your trees require to grow. By taking steps to provide proper fertilization now, you can enhance resistance to disease and encourage a healthy growing season as spring progresses. And most importantly, qualified arborist can apply the right fertilizer product for the best results.

Connect with Engram’s Tree Service to Get the Best Care for Your Trees

Whether you need help diagnosing tree problems, pruning branches, or choosing a fertilizer, the team at Engram’s Tree Service can help you with any task. Our experienced team includes a certified arborist who can offer all the tree-care tips for spring you need and the expert solutions for optimal tree health this spring and all year long. Contact us now for a free quote or to schedule service.