time to take down a tree

Having trees on your property can be beautiful, but it’s important to know when it’s time to take down a tree. Sick or damaged trees can wreak havoc in your yard. In addition, they pose a risk of danger to yourself or others. Still, it can be a little sad when it’s time to say goodbye to a tree, especially when it has been part of your property for years. You also likely don’t want to remove it unless that is your only option.

Keep reading to learn the signs that indicate you need to remove a tree, plus the methods for safe and effective removal.

Signs and Symptoms Pointing to Tree Removal

How can you know if a tree is on its last leg? An experienced arborist can diagnose your tree to let you know for sure, but here are some of the most common signs:

  • Deep cracks, splits, or wounds in the bark
  • Discolored or misshapen leaves
  • Crumbling wood
  • Visible fungus
  • Many dead branches, especially large ones
  • Lack of tree growth
  • Multiple trunks or stubs of dead branches
  • Hollow trunk
  • Leaning that happens suddenly
  • Growth into or near a power line or too close to your house

If you think you may have one or more of these tree issues, it’s a good idea to let an arborist provide a professional opinion. While removal may be necessary, an experienced tree professional may offer other solutions and treatments to save the tree.

The Risk of Sick or Damaged Trees

What can go wrong if you neglect to remove a tree that is too sick or damaged? Large branches may fall down, potentially injuring people, pets, and property. Or, worst-case scenario, the entire tree may fall over, which could be devastating or even deadly.

If the tree is away from people and structures, there’s little risk. However, if it is in an area of your property near your home, other structures, or power lines, it’s a problem. Also, if it is in a part of your yard where people and pets will be, it’s not a risk worth taking.

Turn to the Pros for Efficient Tree Removal Services

Would you like to know if tree removal is the best option for a tree on your property? The experts and Engram’s Tree Service are happy to give you a professional opinion. Robin Engram is our certified arborist and co-owner, and she can help you determine the best course of action for a problematic tree.

Robin, along with husband Larry, and their team of experts are dedicated to your satisfaction and safety. In fact, we’ve been serving Canton, GA, and surrounding communities for more than 25 years. Connect with us to find out if it’s time to take down a tree. And if it is time, schedule our professional tree removal services.