Everyone knows that watering trees in spring is essential, but do you know how and when to do it? As the weather begins to warm up, trees start to grow new leaves. Depending on the species, you may see a few blossoms and buds make an appearance as well. Of course, if you want your trees to thrive, they need water, and when you turn on the sprinkler matters. In the style of Goldilocks, you need to water at just the right time—neither too soon nor too late. Here’s how you can ensure you provide your trees with adequate moisture this season.

watering trees in spring

Know the Leaf-Out Dates in Your Region

Springtime watering should begin before a tree’s leaf-out date. During leaf-out, you’ll start to notice new growth and fresh, green leaves. This critical date will vary according to where you live. An arborist can give you specifics for your region and tree species—but expect it to fall somewhere between mid-March to early May.

If you live in a dry climate, you’ll need to provide plenty of supplemental water before leaf-out. A good rule of thumb is to check the water levels in the areas around the tree. Dig 4-6 inches into the ground, and make sure the soil feels damp. If it’s dry, crumbly, or powdery, it’s time to drag out the hose.

Trees tend to need more water in colder regions as well. If winter was exceptionally chilly, it’s best to start watering before spring. However, only begin watering after the ground has thawed. If freezing temperatures aren’t common where you live, just wait until the days get longer and warmer.

Stick to a Regular Watering Schedule

Unless you planted a few young trees—which need 20-gallons of water per week—you don’t need to water very often. Most healthy adult species only need fresh water about 1-2 times a month. As previously stated, the condition of the soil will tell you if the tree is thirsty or hydrated.

While most homeowners use a hose or sprinkler, a drip irrigation system may be the better choice. With drip irrigation, you never have to worry about flooding the roots, and you may even see a slight decrease in your water bill.

Watering in the early hours of the morning is also the best way to ensure your tree gets enough to drink. As the sun rises, moisture evaporates. In the middle of the afternoon, the soil may dry out before water can even reach the roots. If you’re not an early bird, consider pulling out the hose before you go to bed at night.

Schedule Regular Tree Care and Maintenance

Even if you provide plenty of water, a sick tree won’t thrive. It’s best to have an arborist examine your trees to make sure they’re free of disease or pest infestations. Remember, trees don’t have a voice, and they rely on you to keep them in good health.

When it comes to expert tree care, Engram’s Tree Service is here for you. Our arborist can help you come up with a watering schedule for all the trees on your property. Keeping your trees healthy and lush is our number one priority. Get in touch with our tree experts to learn more about the importance of watering trees in spring.