reasons to remove a tree immediatelyAlthough arborists want to save as many trees as possible, there are reasons to remove a tree immediately. Deciding it’s time to chop down a tree is a difficult call to make. After all, you probably can’t envision your property without it. However, if the tree poses a threat to your home or family, you should take action now to avoid any problems down the road. Here’s why you may opt to remove a tree:

1. Your Tree Is Dead

While this may sound obvious, not all homeowners realize they have a dead tree on their property. Trees often remain standing tall long after they stop growing. Look for signs that your tree is dead or dying, including loss of leaves, brittle bark, or broken branches.

Failing to remove a dead tree may become a costly mistake. As the trunk decays, the structural integrity of the tree will decline. You risk the tree falling over during the next big storm, causing damage to your car, home, or even a loved one. Only an arborist can tell for sure if your tree is on its last branch.

2. The Tree Is Too Close to Your Home

Some homeowners plant trees dangerously close to their homes. As long as the tree remains small, this won’t be a problem. However, many trees continue growing for decades—some even live for more than 100 years! With each passing year, the roots will creep closer and closer to your home. Eventually, the roots may damage your home’s foundation or plumbing system, and you’ll find yourself making costly repairs.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to plant large trees at least 20 feet away from a building. If you have a small yard, an arborist can help you select a tree that won’t grow too large. It’s best to remove any tree that’s too close to your home.

3. The Branches Are a Safety Hazard

A living tree can have dead branches. In fact, it’s quite normal to see a few bare branches throughout the life of the tree. But, if more than half of the branches are barren and dead, the tree is most likely sick and on its way out. Removing it is the best option.

Arborists refer to dead branches around the crown of a tree as widow-makers. These branches may fall without warning, and they can injure or, even worse, kill an unsuspecting person below. A tree expert can remove a hazardous tree without harming anyone or anything around it.

Leave Tree Removal to the Pros

Chopping down a tree isn’t an easy task. It requires the proper tools and training to do it the right way. Think about how many times you saw a tree fall in the wrong direction during your favorite cartoons—that can happen in real life, too!

Engram’s Tree Service knows the safest way to remove trees of all shapes and sizes. We’ll bring everything we need to remove a damaged tree from your yard. With over 40 years of experience and 25 years as a business, there’s no tree too big for us! We’ll grind the stump, and if desired, we can help you pick out a new tree for your yard. If any of these reasons to remove a tree immediately apply to you, get in touch with Engram’s Tree Service to chop it down safely.